What Sets Us Apart

Our Practice Philosophy

Welcome to dk Orthodontics, where we believe in treating each person in our care as a member of our family: with respect, kindness, and compassion. Our practice is committed to delivering personalized care, based on each patient’s unique needs, creating amazing, healthy smiles as unique as the individual.

Dr. Denise Kitay and each member of our team know that by developing individualized treatment plans, and creating patient-specific approaches to each person, we can ensure that each patient receives a beautiful smile in a timely manner.

Our Office Environment

We have created an office environment that is warm and relaxing, where patients of all ages, and their family members, feel welcomed and comfortable. We have an open door policy for our treatment areas, inviting parents to sit and watch what we’re doing, or come back and ask questions. Younger siblings are also invited in the care space, and seeing what’s going on creates excitement in them, and less worry about what will happen when it’s their turn for orthodontics.

We’re patient-focused in all we do, and everyone on our team loves our work. Creating smiles every day, smiles that will last for a lifetime, while increasing a person’s self-esteem and the confidence with which they move through the world, is amazingly rewarding. Throughout the treatment process, we develop strong friendships with our patients, building relationships based on communication, laughter, and trust.

When you’re visiting us, you’ll see an abundance of smiles, from our patients and staff, alike. And you’ll hear a lot of laughter, too. We’re always swapping jokes, sharing stories of adventures, and just enjoying our time together. This is a positive, happy environment and patients tell us they’re sad when they complete treatment and realize they won’t be seeing us regularly anymore.

Your Complimentary Consultation

Before starting orthodontic treatment, it’s essential you understand what’s involved in the treatment process, your options in getting to the goal of a healthy, incredible smile, and that you find a practice where you know you’ll receive exceptional, professional, experienced care from people you trust and genuinely like.

To schedule a complimentary consultation for yourself or a loved one, at our West Caldwell or Parsippany, NJ orthodontic offices, please call!

dk Orthodontics is where beautiful smiles begin. Please contact us so we can start creating your beautiful smile, today!